Mindfulness Meditation

Practice presence with mindfulness techniques using our combination of online tutorials and virtual reality environments.

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Practicing Mindfulness

It’s a busy world and anxiety rates are higher than ever. You travel to work thinking about the day ahead, spend your evenings planning your weekend and at night time you struggle to switch off. In the rush of accomplishing endless tasks, you find yourself losing your connection with the present moment - missing out on what you’re actually doing and how you’re really feeling.

Thousands of people around the world practice the art of mindfulness to reduce stress, reconnect with themselves, and ultimately to be happier. Learn how you can reconnect with the present moment and reach the same state of mind with our techniques and exclusive virtual environments.

How does it work?

When you enroll in the course, you'll receive:

  • Access to our online tutorial videos
  • A unique code to unlock the VR content within our app
  • A VR headset if you don't already have one

Why take a VirtualSpeech Course?

Expert Coaches

Learn the best mindfulness techniques with online tutorials from our experienced coaches.

Integrated Mobile App

Receive lifetime access to our VR mobile app, including access to VR experiences made just for this course.

Practice Presence

Learn how to detach yourself from anxiety and over thinking by living in the present.

Virtual Immersion

Practice mindfulness techniques in peaceful and beautiful 360 environments from around England.

Headset Included

We'll send you a VR headset so that you can start practicing and seeing results straight away. Simply send us an email when you sign up and we'll send you either a Merge VR, BlitzWolf or Google Cardboard v2 depending on which package you choose.

Featured in:

Your Instructor


Max has spent years learning about mindfulness and the power of living in the now. He now runs a popular YouTube channel on the topic and has authored two books based on mindfulness and meditation.

Immersive 360º Video Experiences for this Course

Practice the techniques you've learnt from online tutorials in our calming 360º environments. You'll be guided through a relaxing meditation while each carefully selected environment around you changes. You can choose environments suited for your own needs - from the calm and peaceful lake to the more externally thought-provoking Alexandra Palace scene.

Alexandra Palace

Cotswolds Forest

Earlswood Lakes

English Garden

Get started now!

Our Mobile App

Practice with one of the leading virtual reality apps, downloaded by over 150,000 users just like you. Relax and reconnect with yourself in our beautiful 360 environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VR Headset?
All of our courses are integrated with our VR app for the most effective, thorough learning experience so you'll need a VR headset to make the most of this. If you don't already have one, we can send you one when you enrol on the course. If you already have a headset that has a trigger button at the top, you can purchase the course without the headset.
How do I get the VR content?
Once you've enrolled on the course, we'll send you a unique code that unlocks all the VR content for this course within the VirtualSpeech app. You can download the app onto your mobile from the Apple App or Google Play stores, enter your code, and begin practicing.
What is the split between text, video and VR material?
We'll guide you through the main principles of mindfulness through videos and text, and tell you our top techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world. This will be roughly 70% of the content, whilst 30% will be VR material, which you can practice with VR experiences in your own time.